Sebastian Sirotin is Samudra’s publication director, history editor and contributor based in Poland and The Netherlands. As former Amnesty international student group PR manager Sebastian has always taken an interest in helping create awareness of important global issues. When not binge watching live streams of Classic Doctor Who, Sebastian can be found stressing out over hist next essay.

Alessandra Barrow is Samudra’s culture editor and a contributor based in England and The Netherlands. She is also the current Chair of the South and Southeast Asia Committee in the BA International studies student association, BASIS. When she gets a break from running things, Alessandra can be found attempting to pass Hindi exams and catching up on sleep. She also loves cats.

Giacomo Canetta, from Italy, is Samudra’s contributor and temporarily also its politics editor. He spends most of the year in the Netherlands, but since August 2018 he will keep you glued to the screen with fresh articles from Indonesia … well, hopefully. Student of South and Southeast Asian Studies. 80% of his free time is wasted trying to explain to others what he is actually studying … almost as difficult as bringing social justice in the world.

Dhwani Goel is a second editor and contributor for Samudra. Originally from India, she lived in Indonesia for a while before moving to The Netherlands. She studies Bsc International Relations and Organizations, and recently found her journalistic passion through an internship at the Jakarta Post, Indonesia’s leading English newspaper. She is currently struggling to learn Dutch and fit in Dutch culture. It’s hard to find her on campus as she is usually sleeping in her free time.

Suraendher Kumarr was Samudra’s first publication director and politics editor, while he was in the Netherlands for an exchange program between National University of Singapore and Leiden University. Having returned to Singapore, he is currently a contributor. He is presently interning at a local NGO dedicated to advancing the plight of low-wage migrant workers, and hopes to learn Bahasa Indonesian to better access the Southeast Asia region one day. He also plays in a band. Follow them on instagram @therosessg.