We are dedicated to providing students with relevant information and skills about the professional world that awaits them upon graduation. The Career Committee’s main goal is to give the students an overview of all available routes to take, without overwhelming them with possibilities. The Career Committee organizes various events and provides resources for BASIS members.

The committee aims to help students acquire relevant knowledge about the job market, through its workshops on subjects such as LinkedIn or public speaking. We allow you, the students, to develop skills such as leadership or negotiation which the course itself does not provide. The committee also prepares events to make current undergraduates learn from IS’ alumni’s career paths, or from current diplomats working at the United Nations and elsewhere.

The Committee also provides resources that are beneficial for all students. A key project is the database of the most interesting internship opportunities and beyond to help IS students find openings for their discretionary space, after graduation, or even during the summer. This database is continuously expanding and can be accessed by all students. Additionally, the committee aims to help foreign students looking for part-time jobs in The Hague by listing stores and shops around town that happily employ non-Dutch speakers. This list keeps on growing, giving students the insight on where to go.

The Career Committee is always looking to expand its activities and partner with more and more groups within and outside of the Leiden University system! For suggestions of any kind, please contact career@basisthehague.nl