The Social committee represents a group of students that share the following common interests: organisation and parties. In short, that is what keeps us busy.

Every year, we organize great events for BASIS members, which range from weekly borrels, which are fun gatherings where students can drink and talk to other fellow students, to themed parties after every exam week. In order to do this, every board member has a specific task to fulfill and help one another out when needed. As a team, almost a collective brain, you challenge yourself and others to think outside, inside, next to and underneath the box in order to succeed in creating something unique and fun. Besides working together in this committee, you also get the opportunity to work with external partners such as clubs (PIP, Paard van Troje, Havana etc.), other student organizations and international organizations, as well as work on various other projects.

At times it can be a demanding job, but if you are open to meeting new people and having fun while doing it, you are in the right place. Not only does it enhance your social life, it also helps you to figure out where your own personal strengths and weaknesses lie and how to use those assets to the best of your capacity.