The Advisory Board is a neutral and independent body within BASIS, consisting of 3 members who are appointed for a period of two years. The Advisory Board shall monitor BASIS board’s activities with an objective and open mind.

Tasks of the Advisory Board include, but are not limited to, the following:

–          To provide non-binding but informed advice to the BASIS Board and the General Assembly

–          To identify, assess, and opine on possible difficulties or issues concerning BASIS and/or the BASIS Board

–          To deal with complaints and issues raised by members concerning BASIS, in complete confidentiality and through the most appropriate channels to each circumstance

–          To check and make sure that matters within BASIS are dealt with according to the BASIS statutes and policy manual

If you need advice on something, want to address an issue, or file a complaint, feel free to contact the Advisory Board by emailing us at:

Current Advisory Board: 

Kamilė Bulavaitė
Mika Martens 
Fracia Baeke 
Anna Saranszki