First off, what does ‘Samudra’ समुद्र mean and why did we choose the name? We chose the name Samudra, which means ‘ocean’, since it represents the region of South and Southeast Asia (SSEA) so well. It is a word that comes from Sanskrit and is present in almost all the major languages of the region. It was also chosen due to the geography of the area, due to the large bodies of water and many island chains.

Naturally, as the student editorial of SSEA students at Leiden University, the website focuses on stories from, or in some way related to, SSEA. These topics include, but are not limited to, culture, history, and politics.

SSEA is a large area with 19 countries ranging in size and scope from city-states to subcontinents. Thus, it is Samudra’s mission to bring you stories, both humorous and academic, from this area to help give it the attention that it requires and to give you, dear reader, a greater knowledge of our world.

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