Latin America is an extremely diverse region; this, in terms of biology, ethnic groups, cultures, languages, etc. That is why it is so fascinating to study this region, as it is one of the largest areas of specialization in our studies in terms of a number of students. The Latin American Committee has as its goal to provide an academic and non-academic outlet to share, discover, and celebrate the many dynamics of the area. We always hope that the outcome of the committee is that all students interested in dynamics related to Latin America have an open, accessible and enthusiastic outlet to do this.

The committee organizes diverse activities such as guest lectures held by politicians and scholars related to Latin American countries, debates on problematics happening in the region, language cafés, dancing lessons, culinary evenings, etc. Our activities are aimed at anyone having interest in the region, no matter what the area of specialization might be; therefore, the committee serves as a hub for networking and gathering the Latin American enthusiasts.