This committee aims to establish platforms that will help reach a more in-depth grasp of our region – The Middle East and North Africa. We will be aiming to combine the various insights that the various BAIS courses offer our students into a more comprehensive and less abstract understanding of specific phenomena. The target group will be first, second and third year BAIS students with a specialization in the MENA-region in the first place, and for some more generic or bigger events we are open to open up spaces for others of the BAIS programme who would be interested. We hope to spark further interest in the MENA-region outside the scope of the regular curriculum and involve LU staff, as well as field experts and perhaps even BAIS alumni to take the region at hand out of the books and abstractness and into real life.

Doing so, we aim to create a more thorough understanding of the region, seeing as though there will be more time to deal with i.e. specific case studies and discussion. We hope and expect this to be beneficial to the BASIS members as it will offer them new perspectives on issues that they are familiar with through the regular curriculum, as well as spark further interest and motivation to do better and learn more in class.

This committee will aim at establishing room and platform for a more in-depth and less abstract understanding of the region, using various experts and the field. It will offer students a new place to bond, as we will be going for dinners/ drinks as well as have more academic events. This committee will try to give more insight in a region that has a very rich history and a vast cultural mosaic, not always easily grasped by outsiders.