– This committee is currently dormant. Are you interested? All the resources are waiting for you in our office, assemble a team and get in touch! – 

The Africa Committee offers a space to students interested in Africa as a region to learn more about the African continent’s astonishing diversity and culture, inform students about current African events and the lasting consequences of past ones, and to connect over this interest in Africa with new people.

As a committee, we set our goal to bring diversity to our community, offer a different kind of global learning to Leiden University, organize guest lectures and events that will raise awareness to the African continent and its diaspora, and promote Africa as an area at Leiden University.

The committee aims to create a space in which people can exchange knowledge, experience, and interest in Africa, and add to their knowledge on African culture, history, politics, and economics, both in form of academic guest lectures and panel discussions and fun social events.