– This is our committee, but your yearbook – 

We are reaching the end of the road! Starting from HOP-week to our very first Hunger Games to enjoying a well deserved break. As time flew by, many more memories were created: the constant promise to start the next assignment on time, meeting up with friends (and even making new ones), and enjoying every bit the Netherlands had to offer. Why is this important? Because that is what you will enter in the Yearbook; a shrine of what BASIS offered to you and what we made of it.

The Yearbook Committee of is the committee to bring all of your memories, events and whatever YOU want to incorporate (we’re open to suggestions) into being. We want to make sure that the yearbook is there for, and more importantly, by everybody! 

The ultimate goal of the Yearbook Committee? Inclusivity from all the areas, events and people from the graduating class!