There are two elements critical to learning: theory and practice.

While lectures, tutorials, and texts will provide you with substantial amounts of theory on the nature of politics, economics, and culture, the BASIS Academic Committee prides itself in connecting students to theories in practice. This is achieved in multiple ways throughout the academic year.

The BASIS Academic Committee organizes various guest lecturer events, excursions, competitions, and simulations. These include, but are not limited to, embassy visits, NGO excursions, speech competitions, and Model United Nations (MUN) simulations. These events allow students to actively engage, view, and interpret knowledge taught in university in real-life environments. Whether this means travelling to London for an MUN conference or speaking with the Korean Ambassador to the Netherlands, the BASIS Academic Committee brings the practical world of International Studies at the students’ fingertips.

During the academic year of 2016, the BASIS Academic Committee organized over 10 embassy visits, facilitated 2 formal MUN delegations (to LIMUN and AUCMUN), organized a professional Speech Contest, hosted various distinguished speakers, and coordinated a Speech and Debate Club. During the academic year of 2017 we have even greater ambitions, as the newly-established Model United Nations subcommittee charges ahead with plans for conference hosting.

If you are interested in witnessing theory in practice, making new friends, travelling, or establishing meaningful contacts, then consider attending Academic Committee events or applying for the Academic Committee/MUN Subcommittee 2017-2018 boards. We are seeking highly-motivated, responsible students to continue our success throughout the new academic year.

Please feel free to reach us at or join our Facebook group.