Radi8Radio was started as a project in 2017 and broadcasted music mixtapes related to each region our bachelor offers a specialisation in. Since, the radio has been transformed into a network working between music and conversations, publishing playlists and podcasts.

This year, Radi8Radio is evolving again. Relying on ‘projects’, chosen each semester, there will be a considerable space for any idea, any interest, that can be turned into a conversation, a debate, a recording, and more.

We are looking for new enthusiastic and eager members, fueled by intense talks, subtle themes and poetic words. Our studio is waiting for your thoughts.

“The Ideal Society”
A conversation where we address what society is failing at and what, as young students, we’d like society to provide. In other words, which frustrations and disagreements we wished society fixed.
The topics could be educational systems, prison systems, public transports, industrial agriculture, police, smog etc.

“A dash of positivity”
A weekly podcast that reports the positive/optimistic news of that week. This would balance with the overwhelmingly negative mainstream news and is easily relatable to BAIS as we could pick one news segment per region.

“For students, by students”
A podcast that would be closely related to the first idea; a selected group of hosts will discuss current world affairs which are in the news right now. Furthermore, with the help of Social Media, students could suggest ideas or debate proposals to which the hosts will respond.

“Poetic Dose”
A spoken word project where classics can be recited, hidden favourites can be highlighted and original creations can be submitted.

A podcast where International Studies graduates come back to tell us where they headed to after their bachelor, what they studied next, where they are working, what they miss and what they would have done differently.

Explore your perception of the world with us, record it and reveal it proudly. Apply and join us!

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