– This committee is currently dormant. Are you interested? All the resources are waiting for you in our office, assemble a team and get in touch! – 

The Care Committee is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the social fabric of the BASIS community in tandem with creating a conducive environment for wellness and social sustainability. We realised that there are several conversations to be had on the prominent social issue in contemporary society and thus, it was out duty to create a platform for these very conversations along with positive, community building experiences. All because we CARE.

So, how do we make all these ambitious, wonderful goals a reality? By organising events that reflect these core objectives. The range and scope of the events we organise occupy an interesting array of topics. The aim of many of these events revolve around creating awareness concerning important social issues such as environmental sustainability, gender equality, racial equality, mental health, the LGBT+ community along with other aspects of social sustainability. To achieve this, we have organised movie screenings, topical workshops, guest lectures and discussions, charity events, clothing swaps and many more dynamic events.

Secondly, we are passionate about mindfulness and wellbeing. A university environment can be quite stressful and due to the pace of life one may feel there is not time or space for wellness. By creating safe and welcoming spaces, CARE hopes to facilitate this crucial aspect that is integral to our overall health. Through poetry, yoga and mindfulness events, and respective workshops we aspire to bring a concrete outlet to these aspirations

Considering recent developments, it is crucial to facilitate outreach to the student body especially, in terms of mental health. By utilising social media platforms available to us, we hope to spread our message and create mindful spaces for the student community in a time where we feel more divided than ever.

Overall, CARE is committed to creating a cohesive, connected, and healthy community or our campus. We are always happy to engage with the wonderful individuals within, connected to or even outside our community. We hope to continue creating events to inspire and engage. As a closing statement, we just want you to know that we CARE about you.