Radi8Radio has completed its trial month in which each of the eight regions have broadcasted live music (to varying degrees of success). In addition, we have broadcasted four different genres with complementary guest-mixes from the likes of local artists to local radio stations. All of the broadcasts have been posted as podcasts on our website for students, staff, or others active at Leiden University to listen back to an eclectic selection of music.

The trial month has been incredibly useful for the team to experience what it’s like to run a student radio station, whilst also identify what can be improved to make the project more listener friendly and efficient.

Radi8Radio’s next steps lie in whether we are successful in being awarded a room at Campus to make the project a permanent fixture. If given the greenlight, we hope to broaden our broadcasts to include talk-shows in the following semester, building upon the music foundation built in the trial month.

Thanks to all members of the team who participated from the 14th November to 14th December:
Afonso Ivenz-Ferraz (Africa)
Mika GP & Junchuan Liang (East Asia)
Andrea Lilla & Kirill Climin (Eurasia)
Felix Disselkoen & Farid Jafaril (Europe)
Alfonso Gorostiaga D’Angelo (Latin America)
Matthieu Hansen (Middle East)
Tyler Balagh (North America)
Raudya Amalia (South & South-East Asia)

Managing the project has been an amazing experience so far and I could not have been blessed with such a creative and patient team. I hope the project has been as rewarding to the listeners as it has been to us. We look forward to broadcasting next semester!

Dylan B-W

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