Get your pen and agenda and save the dates, as next week we at BASIS will host the election week for the new board! The programme looks as follows;

– On Monday the 16th of April, The Election Committee will present all the candidates who have applied to be on the 7th Board of BASIS. Every candidate who applied will have the chance to give a Speech and sway the BASIS members to their side.

– On Tuesday the 17th of April, we’re hosting our weekly borrel, but this one is all about meeting the candidates you as BASIS members are going to elect in the board for next year! Share a beer and a story or two with the people who are going to represent you! Don’t worry though, we’re keeping it informal so if you only have beer on the mind, beer is what you shall get!

– On Thursday the 19th of April, the big day is finally here! The 5th and last GA of the academic year and with it the elections for the 7th Board of BASIS (2018/2019)! You will have the chance to vote for your preferred candidates.


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