The Career Committee proudly presents the first edition of our Leadership Week. We have speakers from all over the country, a mini “TEDx”-like show on Thursday, as well as alumni speed dating lined up for you!

Throughout the week, we organizes a number of workshops, training sessions and guest lectures, where you will be given introductory theory, as well as the opportunity to practice and hone new skills. Learn what it takes to become tomorrow’s leader!

With the exception of the speed dating event, all events are open to attend by students from any institution in the Hague of Leiden.

Feedback for Growth

February 17 – 18:00

When asked what you thought of someone’s presentation, do you also struggle to find the right words? Are you scared to come off as disapproving, or are you just in doubt about what points to pay attention to?

With trainer David van Berkel

Join this event and learn how to provide feedback for growth.

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From Stutter to Style

February 18 – 17:30

Do your presentations overwhelmingly feature the word ”ummm”? Does getting your point across in front of an audience scare you, or are you simply mesmerized by prominent speakers and their techniques, and eager to do the same?

With trainer Mieke Kerhof-Scheenaard

Take part in a session of interactive learning! From stutter to style.

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Unite in Common Cause

February 19 – 13:30

When given an objective, what do you do to get all your teammates on the same page? How do you ensure collective motivation and commitment to the project? What does it take to get everyone on board?

With trainer Anubhav Kandpal

Comprehend what it takes to unite in common cause.

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Lead Without Being in Charge – Stories that Inspire

February 20 – 15:30

During this event, we will give the floor to multiple speakers, all of which are here to show you that it is only up to you to carry out your vision and be that game-changer. Listen to their stories, let yourself be inspired, and leave the room with a grasp of how you can contribute, innovate and develop!

5 speakers, 5 stories now confirmed!

Attend this event and explore how you can lead without being in charge.

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Alumni Speed Dating + Borrel

Wondering what to do after this study? Or maybe you already know but don’t quite know how to get there. With so many options and so little time we might just have the thing to help you: Alumni to the rescue! 

Join us on February 20, 7:30pm -9:30pm at the Spanish Steps/Brasserie Wijnhaven for our Alumni Speed Dating Borrel! At this cozy event you’ll be able to get all the answers you need to prepare you for what comes next. And there’s no harm in a little networking either;)

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