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The below list includes all books that freshmen need for the first semester of the Bachelor of International Studies. The below list concerns the latest and newest editions, up to requirements of the program and instructors.

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You are not likely to need the books until the second week of classes, but we recommend you order the books as soon as possible, as delivery might take 4-5 workings days.

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Courses and required books

Academic Reading & Writing

No book required. The reading materials for this course will be made available via Blackboard.


Cultural Studies

Title: Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice
Author: Barker, Chris

Discounted price for BASIS members: Currently unavailable in the Netherlands


Global History

Title: The human web a birds eye view of world history
Author: McNeil, J.R.

Discounted price for BASIS members: €18,20


Introduction to International Studies

Title: From The Ruins Of Empire
Author: Mishra, Pankaj

Discounted price for BASIS members: €10,71


Principles of Economics

Title: Macroeconomics (5th edition)
Author: Krugman, Paul

Discounted price for BASIS members: €59,47



Title: An Introduction to Sociolinguistics 7th revised edition
Author: Wardhaugh, Ronald

Discounted price for BASIS members: €26,78


The information on this page has been derived from the university´s eProspectus, which you can access through the following link: