Curious what is required of each of the positions on the BASIS Board? Here are all the responsibilities for the Board positions:

President Responsibilities:

  • Chairing Board meetings and General Assemblies
  • Co-creation of agendas
  • Ensuring good communication between the BASIS board and the Advisory Board
  • Maintaining good relations with university contacts
  • Representing BASIS at meetings with university contacts and other study associations
  • Manage the BASIS board
  • Ensure members’ interests are represented internally and externally

Vice President Responsibilities:

  • Managing committees (approving event proposals, posting promotion materials, supervision and support)
  • Hosting committee heads meetings w/ Internal Affairs Officers
  • Managing social media channels and creating promotion materials
  • Assistance to the president
  • Filling in for President when they are unable to complete their duties
  • Leading GAs/meetings (in the case of President’s absence)
  • General assistance to the board

Secretary Responsibilities:

  • Managing main contact email
  • Creating agendas and taking minutes for board meetings
  • General Assembly agendas, minutes, and slides
  • Taking minutes at Committee Heads Meetings
  • Recording membership
  • Organizing the book deal
  • Creating and sending out monthly newsletters
  • Maintaining records of meeting agendas and meeting minutes

Treasurer Responsibilities:

  • Processing weekly committee reimbursements
  • Managing account software
  • Managing payments through the website
  • Creating and maintaining the budget
  • Maintaining the financial cash flow
  • Dealing with any payment/invoices
  • Dealing with committee’s financial requests
  • Helping committees set ticket prices
  • Presenting the budget at the GA

Internal Affairs Officer Responsibilities:

  • Committee management and division
  • Liaison between committees/projects and the BASIS Board
  • Have regular contact/meetings with committees/projects
  • Maintain detailed records of all committee/project members
  • Keep an overview of events
  • Approving event proposals
  • Event location bookings
  • Chair the committee heads meeting
  • Logistical support for committees

External Affairs Officer Responsibilities:

  • Finding new partners
  • Promoting BASIS to different organizations/associations/businesses
  • Arranging (new) possible deals for members
  • Connecting external people/organizations with relevant committees
  • Introducing BASIS to external bodies /representing BASIS in their contact with external bodies
  • Reading/writing/reformatting partnership agreements and contracts
  • Attending VerO’s
  • Keeping in touch with other associations

Applications for the 10th BASIS Board are open until APRIL 9TH! Apply now for one of the positions above by fulfilling the application requirements, which are outlined here.