BASIS celebrates the month of December with numerous festive activities. Check out all our event on our calendar.

With Love from Wijnhaven: International Studies (mega) borrel
Thursday, December 6 - 18:00-20:00 - Spanish steps

Open and free to all students and (academic) staff of the Bachelor of International Studies, we look back at a successful 2018 with a super-sized borrel on campus. During this event, you will be given the opportunity to send a postcard to a (fellow) student or (academic) staff, which will be rewarded with a free consumption (beer/wine/soda). Do not miss out!

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Clash of the Courses! – Campus The Hague Borrel
Tuesday, December 4 - 20:00 - O'Caseys Irish Pub & Restaurant

This borrel is hosted by the Democratic Students Party – The Hague and the many study organizations at our Campus: BASIS, CIROS, SPIL, B.I.L. and Custodia. With this borrel, we hope to foster cross programme connections and at the same time sneakily educate the student body about our university’s democratic institutions. After the quiz, student representatives from the University Council will be there if you want to ask them some questions and learn more about their work in the Council and university democracy in general.

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Amsterdam Light Festival
December 5 + 6

What is better than studying for finals? Getting drunk on Glühwein with the East-Asia Committee on the canals of Amsterdam of course!
Get your heparize ready for The Amsterdam Light Festival 2018, because the East-Asia Committee has 2 boats full of unlimited booze for you all. You don’t even need a swimming certificate to join.

Get your tickets now before they run out!

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BASIS X-mas Market
Friday, December 7 - 13:00-18:00 - BeeHive Student Centre - Commonroom (3rd floor)

CareCom is organizing a jolly event in collaboration with Culinary, Music, Photography and other committees! Join us for a merry time at our Christmas market.
Treat yourself to hot chocolate, glühwien (“mulled wine” for the old school souls) and an assortment of tasty treats.
Feeling lucky? Try your hand at the wheel of fortune and win some exciting prizes including our GRAND mystery prize.

Let the live music and poetry inspire you while you capture merry memories at our festive photo booth.

And the best part ? All proceeds go to the Pushkar Project represented by Jaira Chin, an IS student with her OWN NGO will be on site to tell you all about the goodwill she does.

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BASIS Semester closings party
Friday, December 21 - 23:00 

BASIS presents to you the last party of the semester, and we can assure you that this is something you don’t want to miss.

Getting through (hopefully) the worst week of our life is worth celebrating! We would like to welcome all of you to the official BASIS Finals party of 2018

The theme of the party will be CHRISTMASQUERADE Yes, you did read that word right. This years theme is a combination of a christmas-party and a masquerade, so expect a lot of Christmas hits alongside to more contemportary music. Bring your best Christmas outfit and coolest mask. No need for dressing up or being fancy

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More information announced soon!