Must I join a committee to go to events?

No, all events organized by BASIS or one of its committees are open to all members! (Some events might have limited places available). If you would like to help organize events in a committee, you can apply to become active in the committee board. More information here.

How do I contact a committee?

Committees have a general presence online, through Facebook and e-mail, but should also be approachable. Generally, whenever there is an event you should be informed about it swiftly. If not, try to contact the head of the respective committee, whose name and contact information you can find on the committees page Read more…

How do I set up a committee?

Firstly, you should contact the Internal Affairs Officer to communicate the chances of your idea being realised. Often times, the ideas are great but can be implemented in, for instance, a sub-committee. After a meeting with the board, further steps could be taken to set up a committee.

How do I join a committee?

Every committee has its own board; although positions may vary. To join a committee means to take on a (usually) year-long position within the board of committee. Every committee has its own way of accepting an applicant. However, if you are enthusiastic and determined you should have no problem joining Read more…

What are BASIS’ committees?

Committees are at the core of BASIS and are responsible for the organization of events and activities for members. Currently, BASIS has a total of about 25 committees, including the 8 area committees corresponding to the areas within the International Studies program. For a full overview of all committees, please visit Read more…