Culture and Arts can encompass a huge spectrum in our lives and plays an important part in the humanities department especially for the BAIS degree and students.

The Hague is quite culturally dense, offering museums, galleries, festivals, yet we feel students have little opportunities in accessing these. This is why the cultural committee aims to make culture more accessible and affordable for students of Leiden University by creating partnership with local theatres, museums, dance companies. We also aim to promote cultural events occurring in The Hague, for instance the committee will, with the authorisation of the university, not only distribute flyers on campus regarding certain cultural events, but also speak directly to groups of students, informing them of said events and opportunities.

We aim to find cultural institutions (cinemas, museums, etc.) willing to provide discount for all students (non-Dutch as well). This would benefit them as would bring a new, young audience to their events. They would hopefully offer us discounts on last minute sales, as well as special prices for students on certain events or performances.

The committee goals are also to promote and create cultural activities events, such as drawing classes, taught by a professional teacher, a book club, or offering a student art fair inside Leiden University.