Welcome! I see you are interested in Theatre, Fantastic!

We are the theatre committee and we aim to promote and encourage growth in the performing arts for students of International Studies and aim to do so through the organisation of workshops, productions and improvisational theatre performances. Long story short: we like theatre and want you to like theatre too.

Last year we performed A Tiny Miracle With a Fiberoptic Unicorn by Don Zolidis and a Christmas play set in the 70s. We also organised an improv evening on several Thursdays.

During the academic year of 2017/2018 we plan to organise several projects. There are plans to make a film/ several videos, the details are not entirely clear yet. There are plans to perform a musical at the end of the academic year. We hope to host several acting workshops in cooperation with the theatre community in The Hague. We wish to organise a Talent Show where all BASIS members can show off their talent and perhaps win some prizes. We, however, are open to suggestions and invite you to contact us if you have a good idea.

Pictures of our past productions: