The goal of the Latin America committee is to provide a non-academic outlet to share, discover, and celebrate the many dynamics of the area. We hope that the outcome of the committee will be that all BAIS students interested in being involved in all things Latin America have an open, accessible and enthusiastic outlet to do this.

The Latin America committee will add value to the experience of BASIS members and International Studies students by bringing together the various layers and sections of the program. We aim for our events and activities to bring together students from all years and from any area study.

Students of International Studies come from an incredible variety of backgrounds, but it is not always easy to meet many people outside of your day-to-day routine involving tutorials and lectures. The committee believes there is great value in attracting all kinds of students that would never cross paths on their average day. Not only in the sense that it makes the experience more colorful and exciting, it also creates more possibilities for networking and information sharing.